30 YR SHINGLES-Wildcats Roofing

  When it comes to new residential roofs, tear off existing roofs, or repair the roofing materials on your home, Wildcats Roofing does it right! We know how important it is when preparing your home during the construction for new roofing shingles and roof tiles. Our Tucson, Arizona customers feel comfortable as soon as we arrive as we begin to protect their landscaping, flower beds, walkways and driveway during all phases of our work. Our crews have a system for each phase of removing and installing roofing materials so our customer’s daily life and work schedule is not disrupted. Sharp objects, nails, equipment, and roof coatings are all kept out of the way of children and pets. We make sure our ladders, scaffolding, trucks and dumpsters are not in the way of neighbors and other tradesmen so our work can be done quickly and efficiently. 

                     Safety of our clients and workers has always been our top priority and that is why we keep all work areas clean at all times. A clean, organized work area, is a safe one! Wildcats Roofing takes the time to prepare everything for safety-before we begin working on your home.

                    We perform residential roofing work throughout all of the Tucson, Arizona region so it is essential that we keep our equipment serviced and well maintained. As professional roofing contractors, we plan for all equipment and materials ahead of time, to ensure that each project is done on time. Wildcats Roofing keeps track of weather conditions as well. Before removing roof tiles and shingles, we make sure the weather conditions are favorable to prevent water and wind damage to our customer’s homes.